Testing Gold

There are a few steps to testing gold:

1. Magnet test where a magnet is placed over a gold piece. If the magnet attracts the item, then there is a significant amount of other metals mixed in the gold or the item does not contain gold at all which means we are not able to purchase it

Sell Gold Magnet Test
The so-called rare earth magnet
2. The next step is the loupe test where we use a jeweller’s loupe to find any markings on gold which will help us determine the karat content of it. However, please remember that just because a particular item has a certain hallmark, it does not guarantee the karatage.

Sell Gold Loupe Test
What a jeweller’s loupe looks like
3. An acid test is usually the final and most precise test. We take a gold item and rub it against a special touch stone which produces a thin film of the metal. Then, we apply a few drops of different acids onto the touch stone to reveal the gold content of the item. In some cases, we also use an electronic gold tester to confirm the karat.

Sell Gold Acid Test
Acids of different strength
4. Please be aware that sometimes we may need to conduct a fourth test if we are not fully convinced of the gold piece’s authencity. It involves filing into the item to obtain a better, deeper sample.

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