Selling Gold

If you have been thinking of selling your unwanted gold for cash, you may have considered different options. What you see below is the reasons why selling gold to Goldwise could the best way of getting cash for your unwanted or broken jewellery.

Pawn Shops

  • You would need to travel to the shop – you might not find one close to your home; you might also need to go through face-to-face negotiations in regards to the price.
  • Pawn shops may not accept broken or badly damages items – or not pay much for your gold if it’s not in perfect condition.
  • Pawn shops do not offer returns – once you’ve given them your items, you cannot get them back unless you re-purchase them from the shops often for more than you sold it.


  • May offer you a trade-in value, which gives you no cash for gold, but a different or newer piece of jewellery of equal value to your items.
  • Many people would prefer not to be seen by people they know, or even the jeweller, selling their gold for cash.

Online (TradeMe etc.)

  • There is no guarantee that anyone will offer anything for your gold.
  • Some people don’t trust online auctions when it comes to buying expensive things, such as gold jewellery.
  • It requires multiple steps from writing descriptions, taking and uploading photos, waiting for the payment to come through and, finally, visiting the Post Office to send you items.