Evaluate your Gold

If you are going to sell gold – unwanted jewellery, coins or gold scrap – it is important that you fully understand the hallmarks on your gold items because it can have a significant impact on the value of the precious metal.

Gold Content

Hallmark represents the karatage which is an important factor in buying and selling gold jewellery because it indicates how pure the metal is. Generally, hallmarks consist of numerals (purity mark), a mark of origin and a maker’s mark. Please refer to the table below for the most common purity marks – although please keep in mind that sometimes a hallmark does not reflect the real karat content of the item, and that is why it is highly important to get your gold professionally assessed.


9  karat 375
10 karat 417
14 karat 585
15 karat 625
18 karat 750
22 karat 916
24 karat 999


Knowing the karat content of your gold items may help you estimate the value of your gold. For precise value calculations, please get professionals like Goldwise to evaluate your items using professional tools and techniques.

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