Goldwise or us means URL Holdings Ltd a company licensed under the Second hand Dealer and Pawnbrokers Act 2004 trading under the name of Goldwise;
You or seller means you the person wishing to sell gold or otherwise transact with Goldwise;
Goldwise’s Possession means from the time a Goldwise issued courier picks up your items until the items are sold or returned to you;
Verified Item means an item where you:

  1. took a clear photo of the item before you sent it to us;
  2. can provide us with a recent clear photo of the item; and
  3. either a third party supplied proof of purchase with a description of the item or a third party supplied valuation with a description of the item (not being more than 10 years old in the case of the valuation); and

Non-Verified Item means an item not being a Verified Item but where you took a clear photo of the item before you sent it to us.

Insurance cover
Goldwise will self-insure your items (at no cost to you) whilst in Goldwise’s Possession subject to the following terms, conditions, limits and exclusions (“Goldwise Insurance”):

  1. The Goldwise Insurance covers the Gold, Silver and Platinum portion of any items that were lost (refer Exclusions section ;
  2. The maximum amount payable for all items in any one loss is $2,000 if the loss includes a Verified Item or $750 if the loss only comprises of a Non-Verified Item;
  3. You must only use the Courier Pack supplied by Goldwise to send your items to us;
  4. You may initiate a claim by contacting us by phone, e-mail or in writing however you must (when requested) promptly provide all supporting information we reasonably require to evaluate and value your claim (including the photo of the item);
  5. We will value each item the subject of your claim as follows:
  6. We will assess the solid (e.g. non-plated) Gold, Silver and/or Platinum content of the item and purity based on the photo you provide, if there is a commercial extractable quantity, (our assessment will be final);
  7. We will value each item using our respective Gold, Silver and platinum buy prices on the date you advise us of your claim;
  8. Items where no photo is supplied will be valued at $0;
  9. The amount payable to you will be the lesser of the cumulative values we assess (as set out above) for all items claimed or the maximum amount payable as set out above;
  10. You must agree to provide all reasonable assistance we request should we wish to make a claim against our courier company or another person and we may reasonably delay payment of your claim pending receipt of this assistance;
  11. Once you have been paid by us for any claim by you under the Goldwise Insurance then you agree that:
  12. all items subject to that claim belong to Goldwise;
  13. you have no further right to those items; and
  14. you will immediately advise Goldwise should the items come into your possession and follow all reasonable direction by Goldwise to return the items to Goldwise (delivery at Goldwise’s cost)

The Goldwise Insurance does NOT cover, and no claim may be made:

  1.  in relation to all claims:
    1. for the portion of any items that is not solid gold, silver or platinum (by way of example, but not limited to, the Goldwise Insurance does not cover plated gold, gemstones, any copper portion of an item etc); and/or
    2. for any item for which you cannot provide a recent clear photo,
  2. in relation to claims of loss during transit from you to Goldwise:
    1. where you have not used the courier pack we sent you within three months of the date we sent it to you;
    2. where NZPO does not advise us that they have received your courier pack; and/or
    3. where your courier pack arrives at Goldwise’s premises and the courier pack shows no material signs of being tampered with,
  3. in relation to claims of loss during transit from Goldwise to you:
    1. where seven days has passed since the courier picked up the courier pack to return the items to you; and/or
    2. where two days has passed since you (or your representative) has signed for the returning courier pack;

False claims and our right to pass information to authorities
You specifically agree that where we suspect you are making a false claim, or we at any time believe you are acting fraudulently or otherwise in breach of a law that we may:

  1. pass on any and all information about you and your items to the police or other reasonably appropriate organisation; and
  2. delay any payment of your claim pending the outcome of any investigation.

You can read more about our Terms and Conditions here.