Cash for Gold now

Goldwise makes getting cash for gold safe, quick and simple. With the high gold prices, today may be the perfect time to sell! If you have unwanted, old, unfashionable, broken gold jewellery, coins or scrap metal, we want to hear from you. Imagine how many things you could do with the extra cash we can pay for your gold – pay bills or simply treat yourself to something nice. If you have been wanting to sell any of these, we can help:

Sell Gold Jewellery

Goldwise will buy your gold jewellery – its condition and carat content do not matter! Whether it is gold chains, gold rings, gold bangles, gold necklaces or any other type of jewellery, we will help you get cash for gold. Unwanted, old, broken, no longer in fashion, a gift from an ex-lover – as long as it’s GOLD, we will buy it. So be smart and sell your gold today.

Sell Gold Coins

Gold coins are another thing many people are interested in selling for cash. It’s amazing how many types of gold coins are out there – all of different origin, gold purity, age and rarity. When we evaluate gold coins, we look only at the scrap value which means there are no premiums for historical value or age. We will gladly buy: Krugerrands, Australian Nuggets, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Gold Eagles, Austrian Philarmonic coins and many others – if you want to sell coins, contact Goldwise today.

Sell Scrap Gold

Scrap gold is any item that is made of gold or contains gold, for example: unmatched earrings, tangled chains or bracelets, bent or broken jewellery, gold items with missing stones etc. Send your gold in to us for precise evaluation – start by ordering a Goldwise courier pack (the bar on your right).

Sell Broken Gold

If your gold items have seen better days and you need some extra cash, sell your gold to Goldwise. We pay only for gold content of your valuables so condition does not matter! Broken chains, broken or mismatched earring, scratched rings with missing stones – if your gold can no longer be restored to its former smart looking state, we will buy it.

Sell Silver

We also buy silver – we adjust the silver price on a daily basis – sometimes even a few times a day so you can be rest assured that we will pay the most current price for your silver items! Silver flatware, silver coins, silver jewellery – you can sell it to Goldwise today.

If any of your items are not included in this list, give us a call or contact us here for professional advice. We are offering a no-obligation process which means you can get your gold or silver professionally assessed, and once it’s done we will make an offer that you can accept or decline! In the unlikely case of you being unhappy with our offer, we will return your gold to you free of charge. We are also offering the unique 14 day price guarantee: on the day 14 after the initial evaluation, we will re-assess your gold items and if the price has increased, we will pay the difference into your bank account overnight on that day. You can be confident that if the price goes up, you (and your bank account!) will still benefit.

If you have been thinking of selling gold for cash to a trusted NZ gold buyer, talk to Goldwise today. Call us on 0800 GOLDWISE or use the online contact form.